Objectives of the Institute for Economic Justice

This site has been developed with both the professional lawyer and the interested lay observer in mind.

Our objective is to stimulate the debate on issues of legal principle by publishing learned articles and critiques of judgments and legal trends. 

An important part of this work will be pro-active, encouraging long term improvements in the state of the law. Especially by supporting lawyers and potential litigants wishing to test the law - where common practice or economic inequality has previously hindered the application of principles of justice.

In addition we will try to function as a clearing house for information on legal topics, such as maintaining a calendar of speeches, seminars and announcements by groups of a similar classical liberal inclination.

A number of sites already exist in Australia and overseas to deal with special issues in the law from a classical liberal viewpoint ( Such as the The H.R. Nicholls Society &  The Samuel Griffiths Society - dealing respectively with Industrial Relations and Constitutional Law ). However, the Common Law and the general principles of justice have been without an advocate.

We are proud to acknowledge a debt to the Institute for Justice in the United States as the inspiration for our site. Two specific difference should however be noted. First, unlike the Institute for Justice we are not a law firm - and do not purport to act as such. Second, the difference in constitutional frameworks and national institutions means we are striving for similar principles but in differing arenas and causes ( i.e. we do not have the same style of debate over separation of church and state as in the United States ).


Foundation Fellows

David B Sharp  LLB, BCom

Timothy E Warner