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  David Sharp Economics Lesson One A brief overview of why one studies economics and what this course aims to study.
  David Sharp Economics Lesson Three The concept of scarcity and its importance in setting the framework for economic action. 


The Rev Dr John K Williams 

October 2004

The Achilles Heel of Democracy A case for restricted government, calling on both classical liberalism and public choice theory.
  Rohan Miller October 2001 In Defence of Vendor Bidding Presents the opposing case that free markets should be able to adjust to the purchaser setting the limits on what they sell.
  David Sharp September 2001 Fraud and Free Markets Recent cases in Victoria have opened up the discussion of 'vendor bidding'. Is it a legitimate tool at auction - or is it a fraud on the potential buyer?
  Tom Bostock
October 2000
In Defense of Liberalism The case for the Free Market, as outlined in Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations , is commonly misstated by its' critics. Tom Bostock tries to set the record straight, by showing that those making the case against are selectively quoting from the works of Adam Smith.
  Tim Warner
September 2000
Free Trade? - Who's? The World Trade Forum in September 2000 was greeted with a large protest from numerous diverse groups. But they may have entirelyt missed the point of what was wrong about the WEF.
  David Sharp
April 2000
Private Rights & Public Wrongs A recent move by the Attorneys General of Australia and New Zealand has grave implications for economic and personal freedom. The use of litigation to regulate, by threat of legal teams with unlimited resources begining unceasing claims against otherwise legal enterprise.
  David Sharp
February 2000
Compensation - how adequate? A Victorian Supreme Court decision has raised the question of just compensation. The Common Law has always held that property may be taken in return for just compensation, but a recent case has led to doubts about the principles appliaction.
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